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Your identity is personal. Keep it that way with Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Facts:

  • Identity theft has been the #1 consumer complaint for the past 14 years according to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Only 17% of identity theft deals with credit cards (Others include driver's license, employment [SSN/IRS], medical, and character/criminal.)
  • Identity theft is one of the fatest growing crimes in America with an average of 40,000 victims everyday.
  • It only take 60 seconds to find out that you're a victim of identity theft, but can take over 600 hours to restore your good name.
  • You are three times more likely to have your identity stolen than you are to have your house or car broken into.

Go with the Best in the Business:

All protection companies are NOT the same. We recommend LegalShield by Kroll Fraud Solutions Group. If you're a victim of identity theft, a dedicated licensed investigator at Kroll will perform comprehensive restoration services using a Limited Power of Attorney, along with access to private resources using specialized credentials held by Kroll for as long as it takes to restore your identify to pre-theft status. If you prefer not to sign a Limited Power of Attorney, Kroll advisors will assist you in taking action yourself.  The other companies either only "monitor" your credit or limit the restoration to sending you a kit in the mail.  Plans start at $9.95 per month.  Contact us for more information.