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1) “My Story”: In this section personalize information that your family will find helpful. Provide personal facts like where you went to school, your family tree, military service, places of travel, awards, hobbies and interests, and other information you would like your family to remember.
 2) “
My Care Plan”: One of the most important sections to express your wishes for your elder care and final wishes. Don’t leave these important choices to someone else. This organizer includes a free copy of advanced health-care directives. Plus, personalize your health information, important contacts, your choices for eldercare, and a care-planning agreement to share with your family.
“My Estate Plan”: This section will hold your Will or Trust documents and other financial documents. If you need assistance in this area, redeem the free-consultation that is included in the guidebook. Additionally, there are worksheets to list the location of important documents, helpful planning guides, and preparation questionnaires. Large or small estates, we all need some guidance in this area, even if it's only getting beneficiary information done properly.
“My Gifts”: This section will allow you to list who-gets-what of your personal belongings as well as keep track of the gifts you’ve already made. This section should be used for personal items and not be used as a replacement for an estate plan.
“My Resources”: This section provides a list of government resources and professional referrals. With the "Dear Family" guide comes an unlimited membership to Elder Life Resources. This professional referral resource provides assess to all types of information. Learn about available resources to update or create necessary legal documents; asset protection and transfer strategies; debt reduction; uncovering funding for long-term care; VA eldercare benefits, Medicaid planning, and much more.

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Finally, everything in one place!

Five sections include:

The"Dear Family" guide is designed to be a personalized plan that tells your story, shares your wishes and stores all your important documents in one place!

What inspired the creation of the book is witnessing adult children trying to help an aging parent and when a parent can no longer recall it makes it difficult to say the least. Instead of rustling through file boxes,  everything is in one book. 

This guide makes a great gift for everyone no matter what age!  We will even personalize the book with your photo and name, or slip in your own photo in the transparent cover

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