expertise & RESOURCES when you need it the most

Uncovering Funding to Pay for Eldercare

  • determining eligibility for government programs
  • finding new sources of income
  • enhancing income derived from assets
  • utilizing insurance
  • lowering costs

Protecting and Preserving Assets

  • implementing asset protection and estate planning strategies
  • creating or updating legal arrangements
  • understanding and planning for Medicaid
  • understanding capital gains and estate tax strategies
  • making sure beneficiary designations are correct

Finding the Right Living Arrangements

  • identifying appropriate places to live based on health, cost and support
  • identifying government support for living arrangements
  • identifying assistance with downsizing, sale of property and moving

Family and Community Support

  • identifying family resources
  • identifying community resources
  • identifying government support for eldercare
  • implementing an eldercare plan
  • solving family disputes and insuring family consensus

Facilitating Positive Outcomes for Health and Medical Issues

  • understanding medical issues and planning for care
  • implementing strategies for improving or maintaining health
  • end of life planning


What some of our clients have said about our services.

In your initial assessment you quickly identified a mistake in our estate plan that would have costs our family several thousands of dollars
not to mention a severe headache!  We are grateful we met you. Shirley, Circle Pines, MN

Thank you for all your help. It's refreshing to know that there are people that truly care and have so much knowledge. I highly recommend that everyone talk to your company first.
Tom, Madison, WI

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Frank qualified for the full VA benefit. We didn't know how we were going to afford his care and this
money makes all the difference in the world. Your help was a Godsend. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Phyllis, Shakopee, MN

Our Life Resource Planner was always available. Having one advisor pull everything together for us saved us time and definitely saved us
thousands of dollars. Thank you!!
Roberts family, Lexington, OH

What is Life Resource Planning?

Life Resource Planning involves a team approach to help better the lives of seniors.  This approach identifies community resources, optimizes financial resources,  arranges caregiver support, reduces stress, and promotes healthy living. You can say that it's all encompassing because it deals with both financial and the emotional needs of a senior and their family.

There are 4 main areas of focus:
1. Identifying Funding Resources to Pay for Eldercare
2. Estate Preservation
3. Lowering Costs
4. Eldercare Solutions & Support

When is a Life Resource Planner Utilized?

The need for a planner is typically initiated due to the aging process. For example:

  • a senior's family realizes that their parent or loved one's savings will run out
  • a senior's health is failing and a plan of action is needed
  • a senior's living arrangements are changing and eldercare solutions need to be found
  • a senior wants to be proactive to avoid being a burden on family and protect assets

It is often at this point that one or more of the children of the aging parent will seek direction from a life resource planner. Sometimes the senior himself or herself will contact us. However, most of the plans are created and implemented as a partnership between the adult children and aging parent. 

What Can a Life Resource Planner Help With?

Think of your Life Resource Planner as a personal advisor who brings all the pieces of the puzzle together not only with their knowledge but also utilizing the expertise of professionals in many areas as needed to bring solutions to your specific needs. Typical goals of life resource planning include:

Working with a Life Resource Planner should be your first step when planning for the care of a senior. Your planner is your advocate.

A complete assessment is performed and a plan is created to help with your unique situation. We assist you every step of the way from assessment to guiding you through any necessary paperwork. Speaking to us first will avoid duplication of services and cost. There is no cost for our initial consultation. Fees are based on the extent of services performed based on the outcome you want to achieve. You are not required to implement any of the recommendations or to use professionals from our team.  If you decide to work with our professionals, all fees are disclosed before any work is performed. Contact us for your no-obligation consultation.