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Boarding Your Dog with a Family:
Do you know there is an alternative to putting your dog in a kennel when you go on vacation or when your pup cannot accompany you? There are qualified dog sitters in your area!  can help! You just might be able to find a dog sitter in your neighborhood. You can read about your caregivers, find testimonials, schedule a meet-and-greet and more.  There are more companies offering this type of service, but this is the one we are most familiar with.

Consider Becoming a Dog Sitter:
If you work from home or retired, love dogs and looking for a way to bring in some extra cash, consider becoming a dog sitter.  You set your own pay rate and schedule. Click on the link mentioned above  to learn more. 


There is nothing more satisfying knowing you're giving a pet a good home.

To find that perfect pet, try one of these sites:

Humane Society:

A complete list of rescue sites in US and Internationally:

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