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There are many types of insurances and insurance can be a complicated issue. Why not let a professional insurance agent help you? There is never a cost nor an obligation to talk with one of our professionals. Whether it falls into the "health/life/accident" or "property/casualty" areas, we can help.

Here are the most popular Health &Life products available:

  • Long-Term Care Insurance (Cash plans, individual and group): helps pay your long-term care needs when you cannot perform activities of daily living. See Long-Term Care insurance for more specific informatio
  • Cancer Plans (Cash and reimbursement plans): plans pay lump-sum cash on first-diagnosis of cancer; or cash for certain procedures that go along with cancer treatment.  Heart-attack and stroke riders available for individuals & family plans as an add-on to your cancer plan.
  • Life (Whole & Term): whole life insurance you keep "your whole life" and it builds up a cash-value that can be borrowed against. Term is for a specific term, like 30 years to make sure that your mortgage would be paid off in the event of your death. Sometimes referred to as "mortgage protection" insurance.
  • Funeral Trusts: set aside funds for your funeral that are protected from Medicaid spend-down. Pay with a lump-sum or monthly. No underwriting required for lump-sum (which means everyone qualifies) and minimal underwriting if you want to pay monthly.
  • Final Expense: insurance specifically for your funeral or cremation and other final expenses.
  • Health Insurance: medical insurance that helps pay your doctor, hospital and other medical-related expenses.
  • Dental & Vision Insurance: to help with your dental and vision care needs.
  • Medicare Plans: (Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Cost Plans): please see our Medicare page for more information.
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans: these plans typically pay a "per day or per stay" cash benefit when you go into the hospital. It may also cover skilled nursing visits or home care.
  • Disability & Critical Illness Plans: known as "income replacement" when you get hurt or ill and cannot work.
  • Critical Care & Critical Cash Plans: pays a monthly income when you are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, stroke, heart-attack, Alzheimer's disease or need an organ transplant. A great alternative to Long-term Care insurance but not to be confused with Disability plans.
  • Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities: this might sound like a financial product but insurance companies issue the annuities. There are also fixed annuity products that offer long-term care protection as well. Your investment is secure, grows tax-deferred, and you earn a guaranteed rate-of-return.

Property & Casualty:

This is another insurance category that deals with our belongings, like cars, boats, homes, etc., to protect us against theft, fire, natural calamity like earthquakes, flood, etc.

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Did you know?

  • Men have a 70% chance of having a long-term care need.
  • Women have a 79% chance of having a long-term care need.
  • 1 in 2 will get cancer in their lifetime.
  • Heart attacks are #1 killer of women. Cancer is #1 killer of men.
  • Mandatory long-term care insurance is part of the health-care reform but the administration has been put on hold for now.