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Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars include topics that everyone can benefit from.  Our experts are available for your next group event or employee meeting. The content of these seminars can be tailored to your group's interest and time restrictions. Presenter fees (if any) are determined by travel distance.

Ducks in a Row Workshop
Do you really have all your ducks in a row? In this workshop we address some serious topics but in a light and fun way. Planning is important to make sure your wishes are followed and to avoid the emotional and financial burden the lacking of planning has on loved ones. Topics include: Health-Care Directives vs. POLST; Durable Power-of-Attorney vs POA; Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Memorial; 8 Signs Your Family Will Fight Over Your Estate and How to Avoid It; and Available Resources. All participants receive a Pre-Planning Your Memorial Checklist; Free copies of POLST and Health Care Directives; Free personal assistance to complete your planning documents; and your own rubber ducky! A notary will be present after the workshop to notarize your health-care directives.

Adult Children, Aging Parents: Paying for Eldercare and Stress-Free Planning

This seminar is designed for both the senior and adult children who would like to get answers to their questions, learn about ways to pay for eldercare, what legal documents you need, and how to avoid the most common problems. Will you have to pay for your parents' care if they cannot afford to? We discuss filial laws and the direction our nation is headed in addressing long term care and who will pay for it.  This seminar will address your State’s specific laws and LTC.

Planning For Your Long-Term Care
Who really pays for your long-term care? Should you consider purchasing long-term care insurance? What’s State Partnership, Filial Responsibility Laws, and Estate Recovery?  Will Medicare pay for your home care? What really is Medicaid Spend-down and how will it affect my spouse and family? Get the answers to these questions and up-to-date information that will help you decide the direction you should take in planning for your elder care.  

Veteran’s Benefit to Help With Cost of Your Long Term Care
Are you a Veteran or a surviving spouse of a Veteran? You may be eligible for a little-known financial benefit that can help pay for your long-term care needs. Veterans may qualify for over $2000 per month and surviving spouse over $1100 per month. You’ll learn eligibility requirements, how to apply, and how to get free assistance in completing the paperwork.

Funding Long Term Care and Advising Your Clients (for Healthcare Providers & Businesses)
If you are in the business of providing care or advising consumers about their long-term care, then you need to have up-to-date knowledge of what Medicare will pay, qualifying for Medicaid, estate recovery laws, gifting and penalties, filial responsibility laws, healthcare reform updates, and the latest options to fund eldercare.  We provide you with the most relevant up-to-date information as well as resources that can help your clients. Educating your prospects and knowing what is available helps your business turn prospects into clients while adding value to your customer’s experience.

Advanced Care Planning Clinic
It doesn't matter what your age; it is absolutely critical you have health care directives (living will). Make sure your family knows your wishes for future health care needs in case illness or injury AND you legally have protection from a guardianship issue. Trained facilitators will help participants complete a health care directive. A notary will be available to notarize your documents. 

Introduction to Estate Planning
Do you know what legal documents you need to protect yourself, your family and your estate? Topics include: Wills and the Probate Process; Trusts; Beneficiary designations; joint accounts; estate tax; gifting; Medicaid planning, capital gains; and documents everyone needs like health-care directives and a power-of-attorney. Learn the basics of estate planning and available resources.

Estate Planning for Women

This seminar addresses estate planning and long term care planning specifically for women. We will address how assets and income are affected when a spouse has a long term care need; how your assets are affected on death of a spouse; and how to protect yourself from probate and the adult children. Especially important information to hear if you are in a blended marriage (his children, your children).  

Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Memorial
Join us to learn your options to pre-planning your funeral or memorial service. Learn what your funeral director won’t tell you about pre-planning and how to keep your costs lower. We also address how to protect your funds from Medicaid Spend-down.

Medicaid Planning
What really is Medicaid and Elderly Waiver? This is a topic that is often misunderstood and many myths surrounding eligibility, transferring assets and gifting. Let's face it, it's an uncomfortable topic because of the stigma associated with receiving medical assistance. Considering the majority of people in nursing homes today receive some form of assistance, it's a topic you need to learn about. Join us as we debunk the myths and learn how to avoid impoverishing a spouse, eligibility, estate recovery, and much more.

Medicare Changes for 20xx & Your Options (available only September through October only)
Learn how Medicare is being impacted by Healthcare Reform and CMS regulations. Get answers to your questions as well as learn about low-income drug subsidies and other ways to reduce your overall costs.  This is a general information seminar. No sales pitch and no specific plans can be presented according to CMS regulation. Personal appointments can be requested for a later date if you are interested in evaluating your current plan.

Medicare 101
If you are newly eligible for Medicare, you probably have a mailbox full of plans from various insurance companies all wanting your business. Come learn about Medicare and the types of plans in a casual environment where you won't have to worry about getting a sales pitch from any insurance carrier. We will explain the different parts of Medicare, the types of plans available and what you should consider when selecting a plan. Additional topics include: understanding co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, preventive services, network consideration, optional benefits and much more. And, it's all explained in easy to understand language. Examples are provided to help you understand the type of coverage you should consider for your specific situation. Veterans utilizing the VA Medical Center---you will also want to attend because we will address specifics you should consider.

Audience Testimonials

"You just saved me from making a costly mistake that would have taken $1600/mo from my retirement income. I highly recommend your seminars and can't wait to take more." - Tom (attendee of Maximize Your Social Security Benefits)

"I always thought estate planning was for the wealthy. Boy, was I wrong! I thank you and so does by family for your invaluable guidance."- Evelyn
(attendee of Estate Planning for Women)

"Your information was very educational and the speaker was very knowledgeable. Thank you!" - Mara

"All of those other firms just seem to want to sell me something. Your speaker actually taught me something and put me in touch with a resource that will help me apply for my VA benefit for no charge whatsoever...can't thank you enough. I'll tell my friends about you!" - George
(attendee of VA Benefits seminar)

"I was very impressed with everything I learned. The material was presented well and the examples you gave really made sense. I'm looking forward to planning my long-term care...something I never thought I would never say and avoided for too long. Thank you, I'm not afraid anymore." - JoAnn (attendee of Funding Your Long-Term Care seminar)

"Prior to attending your seminar, I felt paralyzed with thoughts that I will never be able to afford my care. I now feel better knowing I have some options and resources available. I also learned what not to do which sometimes can be more valuable than anything." - Victor (attendee of Paying for Your Care seminar)

"You addressed a lot of topics that we don't really want to think about but must do if we don't want to be a burden on the kids. Thank you for doing so with expertise and humor. It really helped me "put it all in perspective", have a laugh or two, and then put my rear in gear to get it done! Thanks again for the motivation I needed." -- Agnes (attendee of Estate Planning for Women and Pre-Planning Your Funeral/Memorial.)

"I leave here a more informed person and I know exactly what I need to do next...hire your firm!" --Larry (attendee of Pre-Retirement Planning)

"The speaker was very knowledgeable and customized the presentation to the audience. Well done." -- Peggy

"I wish I had come to your seminars before I tried to learn all of this myself. I will definitely attend more of your seminars in the future and will tell all my friends and neighbors that they should do the same." - Viola (attendee of Medicare seminar)

"I want to attend all of your seminars! Please let me know when you have the next one!"- J

"I'm a professional serving seniors and I feel better prepared to advise my clients and will definitely send them your way for assistance. Thank you!" -- Kathleen (attendee of Funding LTC and Advising Your Clients seminar)

"I never knew about the VA benefit before. Thank you for your time today. I'll do my part in spreading the's much needed and can be a great help to those who need it."  -  Jim

"Thank you for making the Medicare seminar easy to understand. I feel I can make the decision this Fall on which plan will work best for me." - Susan

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I can't believe I understood every  word you said and with real-life examples, I can now make the best decisions for myself and my family. I will recommend your organization to everyone I know." - Grant

"No one has ever been able to explain Medicare in a way I could understand before. I also attended your VA seminar and Estate Planning.  Wonderfully done!"

- William