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If given the choice, most people want to remain in their home as long as possible. This page provides you with products, services and resources to remain in your home longer.

Being Cared for in Your Home

When you hear "home care" or "home health care" what do you think of?

You probably think of a nurse or nursing assistant coming into your home to administer medical or personal care but there is medical and non-medical home care agencies.  In most states this means different licensing requirements and the type of care they can administer. The cost will reflect the level of care.

Most of home care starts with non-medical care. For example, maybe we just need some help with shopping, meal preparation, yard work, laundry, cleaning services or companionship. The medical home care agencies provide the "hands-on" personal care, like bathing, dressing, toileting, administering prescriptions, wound care, etc.

For assistance in finding home care, both medical and non-medical in your area, please contact us. There is no-cost to families to receive assistance in finding quality care.

Paying for Home Care

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a family member caring for you, it doesn't come without a price to someone. About 78% of caregivers are unpaid family members. 

If you are needing care presently, insurance probably isn't an option for you right now but there are other alternatives. A Life Resource Planner specializes in helping you acquire the funds to pay for your care. Sometimes it's government programs and sometimes it's utilizing resources already at your disposal that you didn't know existed. 

To learn more or request assistance, contact us.

Medical Alert & Home Modification

Our partners can help you remain in your home longer with "I'm OK" daily checks and medical alert systems.

Daily Calls to You or Your Loved Ones:
This is a daily service call  for seniors or others living alone to determine if they are OK. Click here to be directed to the website to learn more. (

Medical Alert Systems & Monitoring:

Alert systems are great for seniors living alone to notify emergency personnel in the event of an emergency.  Here's a recommended site:

Medical Alarms and Monitoring (no setup fees or long-term contracts). Click here to learn more.