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Caregiver Resources

Our approach: 
Everyone who comes to us for assistance is assigned a personal advisor. The advisor stays in contact with the family every step of the way. Our process involves an initial assessment, prioritizing of tasks, and an written plan offering solutions to help with the family's unique situation. 

Services we provide:

We are the one-stop-access to professionals in the areas of: eldercare providers and assisted living placement; funding solutions to pay for care; estate planning; elder law; Veteran's benefits; financial planning; geriatric care management; Medicaid planning; Medicare; long-term care insurance; end-of-life planning; real estate; reverse mortgages; house-call physicians; home modification; moving; down-sizing; and much more. All services centered around aging.


There is no cost to the employer to refer an employee. Our fees are based on a sliding scale to the family and depends on the services needed. There is no obligation to go with our recommended services and fees are always disclosed before any work is started. By starting with us, we can avoid duplication of services and greatly reduce costs.

How it works:

We offer education, resources and personal assistance to your employees. Refer your employess on a one-by-one basis, or we will work with you to get the word out to your employees through electronic media, printed media, or holding seminars. We are easy to work with. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring assistance to your company.

It's estimated that issues surrounding caring for an aging parent costs employers over $34 billion in lost productivity. When an adult child is caring for an aging parent or trying to assist them in some way, it usually means needing to take time off, leave early, or adjust work schedules. Bottom line, it's like having another job and work may suffer.  The average person is not going to know about Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, insurance, financial, finding eldercare, etc. Where does one turn for help? Life Resources Group has all the professionals you need to help in all of these areas and more.  Let us show you how we can be a resource for your employees which will result in better productivity and attendance for you.